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Hot Paprika Powder

Hot Paprika Powder


With a smokey flavour and a touch of heat, this Hot Paprika Powder (Pimentón Piquant) adds both colour and heat to a broad range of dishes including the Spanish classic paella.

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Hot Paprika Powder (Pimentón Piquant) can be used to add smokey flavour and heat to a broad range of dishes, including the Spanish classic Paella as well as soups, sauces, stroganoff and more.  This particular paprika powder is more spicy (piquant) than its sweet (dulce) sibling.

The La Chinata brand is widely respected around the world for the quality of their products; producing arguably Spain’s best paprika powder.  Situated in the La Vera region of Northern Spain, La Chinata follow an age old production method of drying peppers (chillies) using smoke from a fire made of Oak and/or Holly Oak (sometimes called Holm Oak).  The drying process takes 10 – 15 days, after which the peppers are ground, to give the distinctive smokey, red powder that’s so important to so many Spanish dishes.

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